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Father’s Day Classroom Activities

Father’s Day honors and celebrates fathers. It’s an opportunity for students to acknowledge and appreciate fathers and father figures that positively impact their lives. Celebrate Father’s Day in your classroom with Father’s Day crafts and gift-making, lessons and activities exploring the history of Father’s Day, and activities for learning about family trees.

Choose from reading and writing activities to open up discussion about the role of fathers in society or explore the history of Father’s Day. Help students show their fathers how much they appreciate Father’s Day gifts, including ideas like photo albums, memory books, or coupon books.

Father's Day Activities & Printables

Create fun Father’s Day activities for your students to enjoy with these quizzes and printables. Test their knowledge of famous fathers or help students learn more about genetics, heredity, and family trees. Includes interactive quizzes from our sister site, Infoplease.

Father's Day Lesson Plans

Use these lesson plans to create interesting lessons for Father’s Day. Choose from Father’s Day gift inspiration and Father’s Day card-making for elementary grades, an ELA lesson plan for middle school on what fatherhood means, and a high school lesson using statistics and data skills.

Father's Day References

Use these encyclopedia-style references to support your lessons and help students learn more about fathers.

History of Father’s Day

Despite the first Father’s Day celebration taking place in 1910, it didn’t become a national holiday until 1972, 58 years after Mother’s Day became an official holiday. Help students learn more about the history of Father’s Day with these reference pages and printables. Includes reference pages from our sister site, Infoplease.

Father's Day Art Activities

Combine art with your Father’s Day classroom activities with these Father’s Day craft and gift ideas. Choose from creating a photo album, memory book, or customized coupon book to help students say “Happy Father’s Day” to their important father figure.

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