Groundhog Day - Teacher Resources

February 2nd, Groundhog Day, is the day to celebrate the continuation of winter or herald the approach of spring, depending on the groundhog and his shadow. Browse our lessons and printables to find academically relevant materials for your class. We have fun worksheets about shadows, information about the season of winter and the history of Groundhog Day, and other winter holidays resources.

Educational Videos
View our short videos about Groundhog Day and extend your students' knowledge with the extension activities prepared for each video.
Teach your students about Groundhog Day with these printables. Includes several activities about shadows, as well as, the origin of Groundhog Day.
Shadows & Science
Investigate these resources on shadows to explain the science behind them. Includes experiments to help your students understand how shadows are made.
Weather Resources
Use these resources on the weather to add to your lessons explaining how it affects shadows on the surface of the Earth.
Test your students' knowledge about the weather in winter with these resources.
Spring Resources
Enhance your teaching strategies and students' learning with these lessons about life cycles and growing plants.
Winter Resources
Expand your lessons and students' knowledge through our resources about the changing of the seasons and winter weather.
Other Winter Holidays
Increase the learning of your students with our resources and activities of other holidays which take place during the winter months.

Recommended Groundhog Day Resources

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