Hero Themed Teaching Resources

Discover the impact of heroes past and present, with these lessons, activities, and printables. Honor veterans, civil-rights activists, suffragists, medical personnel, community workers, family members, and more. Find creative writing activities about the immigrant experience, historical time lines of the civil rights movement, slideshows of famous women suffragists, art activities for celebrating community helpers, lesson plans for learning more about wars and the soldiers who fight them, and much more.

War Heroes & Veterans
Teach students the importance of people who have served in the military. Resources include a reading passage on the origins of Veteran's Day, a quiz, school ceremonies to commemorate Veteran's Day, and much more.
Suffragists & Women's-Rights Heroes
Choose from our resources to expand students' learning about the Suffragists and Women's-Rights Heroes. Includes biographical slideshows, printable quiz, matching women to their contribution, videos with activities, and more.
Other Heroes of Women's History
Help your students learn about well-known women and their contributions which are etched in history. Includes athletes, suffragists, Nobel Peace Prize winners, writers, and more.
Civil-Rights Heroes
Interesting facts and activities related to Civil-Rights Heroes and their struggles can be found in our resources. Women such as Rosa Parks, Billie Holiday, and others are included.
Other African-American Heroes
Our collection of resources on African-American Heroes will help you teach your students about their achievements and struggles. Includes African folk tales, as well as other literature sources, and activities for Black History Month.
Community Helpers
Activities such as writing a letter to the mayor, learning about service workers and writing interview questions, exploring different jobs people have, plus more, will help students learn about people in their community.
Through reading, students' knowledge about firefighters will increase. Includes reading passage with enrichment activities, as well as making cards showing students' appreciation to the firefighters.
Have students learn about a well-known nurse and the occupation that is fast-growing with the reading passages found in these resources.
Use these resources to expand your teaching strategies. Includes printable pages that teach what doctors do, a book about the first woman to receive a medical degree, and different jobs women have held.
Discuss the amount of work and preparation teachers do on a daily basis. Reinforce student learning with these resources which include pretending to be a teacher, writing about a favorite teacher, making customizable printable cards to show appreciation.
Students will have a lot to say about Moms. Browse through and use our lessons, printables, fun activities, and more, for students to express themselves.
Dads will be a favorite topic for students. Help them express their ideas with our resources such as a quiz, learning about animal fathers, fun art activities, and more.
Other Resources about Heroes
For more resources on heroes, choose from our list containing reading passages about people who take risks, those who survive major events, or others who stand up and do the right thing.

Recommended Heroes Resources

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