Cursive Letters Alphabet and Handwriting Practice Worksheet

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Help students learn and practice handwriting the alphabet using cursive letters with this printable worksheet featuring both a traditional uppercase and lowercase alphabet.

Lowercase letters are featured on the first page and uppercase letters are on the second page. Each letter includes directional prompts and is arrayed on a standard ruled line, including mid-line, for proper height and placement. Either for print or use with an iPad, this handwriting worksheet is a great tool to help learners practice handwriting words and the alphabet using cursive letters. You can also use our printable cursive writing workbook for practice with words or individual letters.

Why teaching cursive handwriting is still important

While your students may depend on a device, such as an iPad or laptop to complete homework or write essays, there are many benefits for them to learn letter formation using the cursive alphabet. According to studies, writing in cursive activates different parts of the brain than printing letters, and can improve a child's fine motor skills. Studies also suggest that writing in longhand with the cursive alphabet helps children retain more information and more easily generate ideas. Writing in cursive can be used across the curriculum, especially in writing and science classes. We hope your students enjoy using our guided writing worksheet to learn writing both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Cursive Alphabet Practice By Letter

Looking for cursive practice handwriting worksheets for individual letters? Each printable handwriting worksheet teaches students how to write the upper and lowercase version of each letter in the alphabet. Download all of them, or just the ones you need.

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