Our cross-curricular resources on wellness education and nutrition will engage your students in pre-K, elementary, middle school, and high school, with fun and informative lesson plans, worksheets, and projects on their well-being. Teach them about illness, physical education, and balanced diets so they have the knowledge to make healthy choices. Good eating habits and a healthy amount of exercise help keep the mind and body performing at their best. Students will be fascinated with science activities on the human body, many of them aligned to state and national standards, and you'll find plenty of tools on delicious foods to keep them interested in nutrition programs. And they are easy to use with any nutrition curriculum programs!

Nutrition Worksheets, Lesson Plans, and Fun Activities and More for Your PreK to High School Students

Worksheets for Grades K-5

Physical activity is at the core of a healthy lifestyle. Help your students learn that food security is one of our basic rights and the best ways to develop healthy habits and get fit with these different activities! Students can learn about how to become their best selves through different fitness and nutrition worksheets, activities, food plans, and resources. Students go in depth with the inner workings of the body, eating different foods that give their bodies energy, and different ways that they can help others become healthy just like them. Teach kids good nutrition with these worksheets and printables.

Printables for Grades 6-12
You can use these various activities to help you teach nutrition in a fun way and how it impacts student health. Topics in the different activities touch on serious subjects such as the impact of drugs and alcohol. Through novel study guides, interactive and printable worksheets, and statistical data and resources, which walk a student through the best ways to be healthy and stay out of harm's way.
Health Lesson Plans
Use these health lesson plans as a comprehensive guide for teaching students about the importance of health and health related topics. Ranging from scientific experiments, opinion based discussions, and inquiry based projects, these lesson plans will structure your teaching unit to not only be informative, but interesting as well! 
Graphic Organizers
These health and nutrition graphic organizers are all about helping your students recall what they learned about being healthy. With different formats and purposes, these versatile organizers can be used for variety of goals and can be tailored to your individual classroom needs.
Food Resources
Health is a really informative topic but that doesn't mean a little creativity can't be mixed in. In this section, there is a large range of research based resources, lesson plans, class materials, and experiments that will help students see food in a totally different light and explain the scientific definition of nutrition. Print these resources and work on them with your students to make sure they are the healthiest they can be. Enhance students' knowledge of food and nutrition with these printables which include genetics with gummy bears!
Activities for Science Class
Food isn't just for home economics class! Use this section to really experiment and analyze the inner workings of food and its impact on our bodies. Along with facts on nutrition, your students will learn the essential problem solving and deductive reasoning skills that they will take with them in other topics.
Math, Health, & Nutrition Connected
If you've ever tried to bake a cake, you'll know it's a real art. Or it just takes a lot of math. In either case, these resources, some of them aligned to state and national standards, will help your students make the connection between math and nutrition. Use the different worksheets to connect mathematical skills such as estimating and measuring on different activities across the curriculum.
Art, Health, & Nutrition Connected
In this section, you can choose from a number of multimodal activities to activate the desire to create! These art printables help students learn essential nutritional information while giving them a fun challenge to complete with basic art materials. Also, there are several activities that connect to other subject areas or can be done at home, which is helpful for cross-curricular studies.
Language Arts, Health, & Nutrition Connected
Looking for a great way to get students interested in their reading and writing while learning about nutrition? Look no further! These activities and teacher guides help you activate students creative juices and will help students reach their future ready goals and aspirations.
Literature, Health, & Nutrition Connected
Whether you want to focus on novels that reveal the dark aspects of not being healthy, or you just want quick and easy worksheets to reinforce discussions on nutrition, this is the section for you! Each of these focuses on activating students' higher order thinking skills with open discussion, interactive group activities, and quick check-in assessments.
Social Studies, Health, & Nutrition Connected
Combine the experiences of historical figures from the past and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with these social studies focused activities. From secondary research sources outlining different individual experiences with a lack of nutrition, to designing and making cuisines from around the world, activities in this section will provide students information about nutrition from the past to present.
History, Health, & Nutrition Connected
Have your students wondered how some of their favorite foods came to be? Or wondered what the best options are for eating school lunch are? This section provides the history of some of your students favorite traditional foods while setting the stage for them to make better future nutritional choices.
Physical Education Activities
It's not enough to eat healthy. Teach your students the importance of keeping themselves healthy with exercise as well. In these printable activities, students will discover their favorite exercise, understand how their body reacts to exercise, how to plan their own fitness schedule, and much more!
Resources on Illness & Disease
In this section, your students will learn about some of the most deadly illnesses and diseases in a variety of activities, resources, and visual guides. This section is geared predominantly to students in the middle and high school.
Resources on the Human Body
This section provides information about the human body. You can have students complete these without worrying what subject you're teaching. Choose from reading comprehension selections and questions, science experiments, and quick printable games that are fun and educational.
Alcohol & Drug Awareness Resources
No matter what subject area you teach, you will be able to find an activity here that reveals the dangers of alcohol and drugs. Whether you just want to teach your students key facts, new content vocabulary, or provide them strategies for facing difficult personal situations, this is the section for you.
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