Report Card Comments & Phrases for Preschool

Wondering how and what to write for report card comments for preschool?

This list of 38 ready-to-use report card comments covers academic subjects, social skills, behavior, and time/task management for preschool report cards, and provides both examples of positive feedback for students and suggestions for improvement.

Help make the preschool grading and evaluation process easier with this selection of editable, categorized comments.

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Academic Achievement and Improvement Remarks for Preschool Students

  • ____________ is progressing in ____________. Good job! Continue to [read/count] at home together.

  • ____________ excels in the area(s) of ____________. It’s been a delight seeing your child really love learning so much.

  • ____________ is progressing in the area(s) of ____________, but is having difficulty in the area(s) of ____________. With continued support at school and at home, I’m sure we’ll see growth.

  • _____________ is struggling in several academic areas and I’d like to schedule a conference on ____________ at ____________ to discuss your child’s progress with you.

  • ____________ seems to really enjoy learning ____________.

  • ____________ really enjoys school and [his/her] enthusiasm is reflected in the quality of work [he/she] does in class and at home. [He/she] is a great student!

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Behavior Remarks for Preschool Students

  • ____________ uses self control [most of/some of] the time. I’ve seen your child struggle in the area(s) of ____________. We’ll continue working on this together.

  • ____________ manages and regulates [his/her] emotions appropriately and responds well to feedback.

  • ____________ has trouble keeping [his/her] hands to [himself/herself]. This happens between ____________ times a day.

  • ____________ needs to work on following directions during ____________ time.

  • ____________ is struggling with consistency in [his/her] attitude in school. While [he/she] is very good at [behavior/attitude], [he/she] sometimes struggles with [behavior/attitude]. We will continue to work on this, and your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  • ____________ is struggling with completing work and other tasks on time and without assistance. {He/she] is easily distracted and has difficulty staying on task when this happens.

  • ____________ shows great behavior most of the day and follows directions the majority of the time. I love having your child in my class!

  • ____________ remains focused on the task at hand [most of/some of] the time. ____________ is off-task mostly when ________________________.

  • ____________ is struggling with consistently following classroom rules, especially those having to do with [behavior/attitude/norm]. I am confident that with ongoing support and reminders, [he/she] will make quick improvements in this area.

Social Skills Remarks for Preschool Students

  • ____________ is thoughtful, pleasant, curious, and a hard worker. [He/she] enjoys school and is a great classmate. Great job!

  • ____________ shows respect for teachers, students and staff most of the day. Great job!

  • ____________ is a leader and the rest of the class looks up to [him/her].

  • ____________ enjoys participating in class activities, working in groups, and helping others. [He/she] adds a lot to the personality of our classroom and is well-liked by other students.

  • ____________ treats the property of the classroom and of others with respect.

  • ____________ loves to ask questions and is interested in what [he/she] is learning throughout the day.

  • ____________ [knows/needs reminders for] when it’s time to use [his/her] inside and outside voice.

Group Play/Interaction Remarks for Preschool Students

  • ____________ sometimes has trouble sharing with [his/her] peers.

  • ____________ participates in class discussions [most of/some of] the time. [He/she] really shows an interest when we talk about ____________.

  • ____________ cooperates well with others in class. The other students love doing group time with [him/her].

  • ____________ does well during centers or circle time and doesn’t complain when it’s time to transition to a new activity or place in the classroom.

  • ____________ has trouble with cooperative play and would rather play alone. I’m a bit concerned after observing [him/her] and would like to schedule a conference to discuss this with you.

  • ____________ is always looking for ways to be helpful to other students and members of the school community.

Class Participation Remarks for Preschool Students

  • ____________ participates during ____________. He/she puts in [his/her] best effort most of the time.

  • ____________ needs little prompting to participate in what we’re doing in class.

  • ____________ listens attentively during carpet/circle time and loves to ask questions!

  • ____________ doesn’t like to or want to participate during ____________ time. [He/she] needs several reminders to stay on task.

  • ____________ encourages [his/her] classmates to participate and needs few reminders to do the right thing!

Time/Task Management Remarks for Preschool Students

  • ____________ transitions well between activities during class and/or in the hallway.

  • ____________ sometimes needs a 5 minute warning when it’s time to transition between ____________ and ____________.

  • ____________ needs to work on transitions during ____________ and ____________. [He/she] struggles with leaving that area to go on to the next activity.

  • ____________ keeps [his/her] area organized and [his/her] materials put away nicely. Great job!

  • ____________ completes [his/her] work on time. It isn’t rushed or hurried through and [his/her] work is well thought out.

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