Student Awards and Certificates Classroom Kit

Student Awards and Certificates Classroom Kit
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Student awards and certificates for every classroom - 75 different editable student recognition templates for academics, behavior, personality, and more!

What's Included In This Classroom Kit

  • 75 awards and certificates - everything you need for back-to-school, daily recognition, or end-of-year
  • Easy to downloaded and print as a PDF
  • Editable and can be customized with names, dates, and class information
  • Bright and vibrant in full color
  • Perfect for academic subjects, behavior, personal achievements, extracurriculars, social-emotional skills, subject interests, attendance, and more
  • Great to send home to parents - special forms and templates for notes to parents
  • Prints in 8.5" x 11" portrait or landscape for easy reading and copying

Awards and Certificates Featured In This Classroom Kit

  • Academics:Reading Rockstar Award, Master Mathematician, Quick Note: Math Excellence, Science Star
  • Behavior: Magnificent Manners, Great Effort Award, I Can Do It! Award
  • Social-Emotional: Caring Classmate, Helping Hands Award, Quick Note: Kindness
  • Milestones: Graduation Certificate, Student of the Day, Target Reached
  • Motivational: No Homework, Free Computer Time, Star Performer, Good News for Parents

How to Use These Student Awards and Certificates

Use these awards and certificates to:
  • Recognize students for their academic achievements with the reading, writing, math, and science awards
  • Give students positive feedback on their classroom manners with the behavior and personality awards
  • Emphasize personal achievements with the "Star of the Day" and other performance awards
  • Share the good news about student achievement with parents with the "Good News" Notes
  • Reward students for great academic performance or behavior with a No Homework or Free Tech Time pass
  • Encourage students to have good behavior and pay attention in the classroom with the "Student of the Day" award

Simply choose some of your favorite awards and certificates to give out to students, or let our extensive list inspire you to create your own awards that cater directly to your students.

How to Enhance Classroom Management with These Awards and Certificates

  • Use the "Student of the Day" award to encourage students to be the best-behaved student of the day by practicing good listening skills and high participation
  • Use the editable student awards to give recognition for their special interests and participation in different subjects
  • The "Quick Notes" can be awarded to students for strong academic performance or behavior and can be brought home with the student to show their parents or guardians
  • Foster a strong, inclusive classroom community by recognizing social-emotional skills and good personality traits with the Personality and Attitude awards

How to Use these Awards and Certificates for Classroom Organization

  • Make a special place on your bulletin board or whiteboard to display copies of the ones you hand out
  • Offer them as a center incentive (i.e. reading, writing, math) for doing careful work with good behavior
  • Celebrate personal achievements by handing them out at circle time
  • Ask for class input on who should receive certain awards (i.e. kindness, manners, helpfulness)
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