Student Health and Wellness Resources

Updated on: September 12, 2022

What is Student Health and Wellness?

You work hard to help your students develop good academic and interpersonal skills - giving them the opportunities they need to succeed in school and beyond. It's probably second nature to you, whether you're a new teacher or a veteran.

What may not be second nature is helping your students develop a "toolkit" of healthy habits to support and promote their overall health and wellness. Physical health, mental wellbeing, and especially emotional health all suffered during remote and hybrid learning, and there are many recent studies pointing to student mental health as one of the biggest challenges facing classroom teachers following the pandemic. 

How Can You Support Your Students' Emotional and Mental Health?

Integrating a focus on student wellness into your daily class activities is all about striking a balance between knowing when to support your students in meaningful ways and knowing when to rely on specialists. This collection of printables, tools, activities, and games can help you help your students build the healthy emotional, physical, and mental health habits that they need to thrive both inside the classroom and out.

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