Women in STEM

Learn about some of the women who have made an impact in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Use these biographies and related activities to educate students about the ingenuity and contributions of women, and encourage an interest in STEM careers.

Students will read about women inventors, scientists, nurses, doctors, medical researchers, pilots, and astronauts who advanced their respective fields. Many of these women broke through barriers of gender and race in pursuit of their dreams, goals, and interests.

Women Inventors

Our collection of resources is perfect to enhance your lessons and expand students' knowledge about women and the inventions they made. Includes a printable book with challenging puzzles and reading passages.

Women in Science

Students will learn about the contributions of women in the science field with these resources. Includes creating a mini-book, a discussion guide with comprehension, as well as, critical thinking questions, and much more.


Test your students' knowledge using our multiple-choice quizzes. Includes a quiz on firsts throughout women's history, and Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Women in Space

Keep your students engaged in learning about space with our resources that teach them about women's space contributions. Includes reading passages, printables, and tribute poetry.

Women in Medicine

Enhance your teaching strategies and students' learning using these resources about Women in Medicine. Includes reading passages with extension activities, experiments for students, and warm-ups.

Women in Aviation

Investigate the history of Women in Aviation and expand students' learning with these resources. Includes printables, reading passages about women pilots, and research projects with activities.

Related Resources & Activities

Interesting facts and activities related to women in the science field are included in these resources. Students will practice vocabulary building, answering comprehension questions, and creating posters.

Recommended Women in STEM Resources

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