5 Minutes For the Office – Inspire Your Team to Adopt Healthy Foods

It is very important that you make sure that your workstation is equipped with all the healthy foods that will help you improve your physical fitness and at the same time minimize your intake of unhealthy foods. In this high paced, competitive world, it is very easy to fall into bad habits especially if you are always on the go. It is always recommended that you have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner so that you can combat hunger throughout the day without having to suffer from any health issues. But sometimes, you might be like a workaholic who can’t even finish off your work in the allotted time.

This might be due to your health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity and stress. If you are one of these people who don’t eat healthy foods at the workplace or if you are constantly hungry throughout the day, you should definitely consider adopting a new habit of eating in front of your computer at work and announce the date for the next meeting, which is your lunch break. Most of the companies follow this kind of practice, since most employees tend to overeat during their breaks. By having this small talk with your co-workers, you can reduce your stress levels and feel good about the changes that you have made in the workplace. It is also a good opportunity for you to remind all your colleagues about the healthy foods that they must consume each day.

It would also be a good idea to inform all your employees about this new policy so that they can incorporate it in their daily routine. You can do this by having a small discussion with your team members or you can also use an electronic board that will allow you to print the required information on it. You can have everyone write down their own personal ideas and suggestions regarding this issue and once you file the ideas, you can all discuss things on the board. You can ask your colleagues for their feedback so that you can make some changes to your plan.

You can also encourage your co-workers to adopt healthy foods at work. You can start your campaign by simply giving them an incentive to adopt these foods. You can set a goal that will help them reach your goal within a specific time period and you can reward them for their success. Your energy efficiency report can also serve as a reward for them. You can assign a certain value to the report in terms of its importance and inform them about the value every week.

The second action that you can take is to create a brainstorming session where everybody can share their thoughts about the goals and the strategy that you have designed for the implementation of your new policy. After the brainstorming session has finished, you can distribute a summary report to everybody. You can inform them about the benefits that they can expect from adopting these healthy foods at work and the immediate actions that they need to implement on their part. You can further inform them about the quick mental inventory that they should immediately take in order to measure their progress in implementing the food management policies that you have designed. You can also provide a summary of the energy savings that they can expect over the period of time based on the quick mental inventory that you have distributed. Click here fire extinguisher for more information.

Encouraging your co-workers to adopt these healthy policies is one of the most important energy efficiency improvement project that you can undertake. However, you need to make sure that you do it in a way that it is pleasing to everyone and that there are no unpleasant or difficult feelings associated with it. These are the five minutes that can help you motivate your team in this energy improvement project. By taking these five minutes right away, you can jumpstart your project and get results the very next day.

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