A Great Battery Charger For Your Smartphones

In this intractable, we are going to discuss about Samsung 30Q Battery Charger, which has the ability to charge your battery in bulk. This instructable explains how to change a normal Samsung battery charger into a tiny, but powerful, small-sized battery charger which can now be used to power any Samsung product, and even some others that are not from Samsung… What’s so great about this? It’s fast! And we can now keep our old batteries like the new ones we have, so long as they still work.

Let’s start with the charger itself. This is really a very straightforward device. You simply connect the end of the USB cable to the computer and it connects to the computer via the USB port. The charging starts.

If you’ve got a Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc which supports Quick Charge technology, then this is a must have! This battery charger features four standard jumpers on the side, which allow it to handle four types of batteries including: AA, C and D. It has one standard male outlet, and one female outlet. It has no connectors for data or connection using the Mains or USB.

To use this with your smartphone battery, you will first have to download the software. This is easily done. There are many websites where this software can be downloaded for free. Once downloaded, follow the steps indicated in the instructions properly. This software has the capability to handle not just the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, but also other popular android smartphones and most other brand new android phones.

One feature we highly recommend is that this works with almost all of the latest and most popular smartphones. It also runs android phones well. To test this out, connect your smartphone to the PC with the battery, and then launch the Samsung Apps on your device. After doing this, you should see a list of all your existing devices. If there are two items in this list that run androids 9 then you can go ahead and select them to add.

This feature provides quick access to the phone’s navigation menu. You can easily change the settings by long-pressing the home button twice. The battery is compatible with almost all Samsung smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Note 3. The navigation menu has been greatly improved since the older versions of the smartphones. It now provides a better interface along with smooth navigation.

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