Memoria De Alicante Entertainment A Trip to Hongdae .. Wait, sheep?

A Trip to Hongdae .. Wait, sheep?

Gwangjang Market is the perfect market for foodies looking for authentic Korean food. Is a neighborhood filled with beautifully preserved hanok , perfect for pictures. Built over 600 years ago, the Royal Palaces in Seoul were the homes to the kings and queens of the Joseon Royalty, Korea’s last royal dynasty. Some are grand and majestic, others are secluded and private. The Refinery – savor French cusine in the French colonial alley Can you believe in a cute, tranquil spot in the very heart of Saigon? A time to sit and recharge, to watch the world go by, relaxing and anticipating the delights and decadence of the dishes to come.

As I walk toward a taxi stand, marveling at the clubs that still have lines of people waiting to get in, I remember a Korean man in Matmata screaming over the din, “I come here to party! ” I’m sure he did not leave Hongdae that night disappointed. An hour and a half later, I begin to wonder whether we are going to make it to 홍대가라오케 at all, let alone to all 10 clubs. Sam reassures me that it is only one subway stop away and the clubs don’t get going until late.

Following is a visual guide I’ve made with my barely adequate photoshop skills. Larger size for download or print is available here. After my friends and I finished eating the best chicken in Korea we walked aimlessly for a while and eventually stumbled into this very typical noraebang.

Owned by Lotte, the rooms have contemporary styling and floor to ceiling windows for great views of the district. The hotel features the pool as well as a fitness center, restaurant, and bar. It’s one of the best places to stay in the area for sure. Hongdae is in the Mapo-gu district of Seoul on the western side of Seoul, Korea.

Hongdae is known for its urban art and indie culture. From the flowy dresses to oversized tees, cropped tops, and vintage windbreakers, they had it all. If you are interested in vintage clothing and are inspired by Stranger Things, check it out. This is where I bought my vintage Nike windbreaker with the Olympic zipper tags. We then headed down a street that was lined with shops.

If singing in Barbie’s dream palace isn’t enough, Luxury offers free ice cream! HiStory noraebang in Kongkuk gives you an opportunity to wear animal costumes while singing (because belting out Donna Summer in regular people clothes isn’t ridiculous enough). You scream, I scream — just try not to scream in the microphone. After worming our way through the crowd, we get lucky and find seats at the bar.

Even though Korea is a developed country, I didn’t find it so expensive to enjoy Seoul’s nightlife. Gangnam is also known for its cocktails bars and speakeasies, some of which are considered among the best in Asia. You can checkAlice Cheongdam, Le Chamber, or Vault +82. On the opposite side of the Hamilton hotel , there are other famous spots, such as Bulldog, great for salsa on Saturday,Casa Corona, a newly renovated place which is quite trendy, U.N. The busiest nights in Itaewon are from Thursdays to Saturdays.

We smuggled some wine in but out of courtesy bought 2 cans of Hite for 4,000 . The total for one hour and two beers came out to be 28,000. Actually it came out to be about an hour 20 minutes as noraebangs typically give you 10-15min free and another if you beg nicely.

Be prepared for that though if you have a mixed crew. All of that to say, you’ll have a completely different experience in Hongdae if you visit in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night. The system is also able to create a customized travel course for your group of friends or family. The phone booth also has a wireless charging system and you can check how much money is remaining on your T-money card. Make sure you bring cash as many of the stores don’t accept credit cards.

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