Art Gallery Invites Artists to Come and Work at Its Ownpace

The professional team at Grove Square Galleries have long worked tirelessly to build a reputation as one of Brisbane’s most respected art organisations. At its core, the Galleries are a centre of culture, innovation and learning, with a passion to promote their long-term strategic plan, and to continually showcase their eclectic range of local, national and international talent. With positions in education, administration, management and marketing, the Gallery is committed to delivering an engaging, stimulating and nurturing environment for its clients. In the heart of the Gallery is the conviction that culture and art are an integral part of society, and that the Gallery is passionate about contributing their significant knowledge and experience to champion their varied, eclectic roster of local, national and international artists.

A key component of the Gallery’s strategic plan is its Advisory Service. The Arts advisory service is designed to provide an engaging forum for clients and patrons to engage with the organisation and to provide information and feedback on local, national and international contemporary artists, as well as other artistic activities, events and happenings. The Arts advisory service is available on an informal basis, usually at the time of an exhibition or art release, to provide a chance for interested participants to get up close and personal with the Contemporary Artists. Frequently, the service runs short, as our schedule and commitments can sometimes be crazy at times. However, we are happy to extend our invitation, should the opportunity arise.

An ideal situation for an arts audience with a little interest in Brisbane’s contemporary art scene, as well as an interest in art, would be a lecture by a renowned artist such as Christopher Kieling. Mr. Kieling is currently a Director of the Queensland Institute of Contemporary Art (QiCA) and has over twenty years experience in creating solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. Most recently, he has established a new studio in Brisbane’s Southbank Park, which will feature an installation of glass walls, supported by steel and concrete walls. The resulting work, entitled Wallsea, will consist of fifty-five works which will span the full width and height of the wall. As well as featuring solo and group exhibitions, the installation will also feature other works such as installations, paintings, as well as photographic work. Visit Grove Square Galleries for more information

Another exciting idea being brought to market by Grove Square Galleries and its sister organisations, is the launch of a digital innovation and physical exhibition programme called Pulse. This exhibition will explore the relationship between contemporary art practice and technology. In tandem with a live street market taking place on the last Saturday of every month, the digital marketplace will feature cutting-edge electronic equipment and cutting edge digital works from some of Australia’s most exciting and daring contemporary artists. This is set to be one of the most exciting and provoking exhibitions of contemporary art in Brisbane. It will also form part of the newly established Grove Square Gallery’s campaign to increase its social engagement and community engagement with local communities.

Creating exciting opportunities for art lovers to interact, engage and exchange ideas, Grove Square Galleries and its sister organisations are committed to creating a space that is accessible, welcoming and diverse enough to suit a range of patrons and interests. In order to meet this end, the art gallery has decided to merge its digital content with its conventional content through a mixture of live events, exhibitions and performances. The idea behind this approach is to create an environment that is both inviting and unique. The result is that guests are encouraged to become engaged with the work of their choice and explore areas that they would not normally access or spend time in. This strategy helps to ensure that patrons do not miss out on the myriad of opportunities that are available to them at Grove Square Galleries and its sister organisations.

This month sees the launch of Grove Square Galleries: North America’s first contemporary art gallery dedicated to contemporary artists working in the digital medium. Established in 2021 by seasoned artist Mike Sadowsky, it is located in the newly revitalised Grove Square in Philadelphia, USA. With an impressive roster including such well-regarded names as Frank Butler, Jasmine Becket-Griffith and Annie Segal, this newly refurbished venue is set out to be a haven for contemporary artists, curators and dealers. It is to be hoped that other organisations in the art world will follow suit and set up similar showcases in cities worldwide.

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