Building an Outdoor Antenna That receives Radio Antennas

A rose and glass dome communication antenna is a great way to connect people and spread word. A larger message can get across much quicker than an email or instant message, and the audio quality is often better, as well. But how do you set up this type of antenna and what materials do you need?

The rose and glass dome antenna is made up of two main parts: the rose and the glass. The rose is actually the core of the project. It’s designed so that one end will receive the other’s negative energy and the other’s positive energy. The diamond-tipped antenna were already existing items that were bought and weren’t changed much at all. The rest of the construction is all about putting together a framework, enclosing the rose and glass dome, and installing the electrical wiring and support structure.

The first step in the installation process is to assemble the framework of the rose and glass dome. This is done inside a metal frame which will be an outer shell for the actual installation. The next step is to screw together the framework and seal it with glue. After the glue dries, you can begin assembling the actual antenna. Make sure you have an accurate reading of the compass to ensure a strong and secure installation.

Next, place the rose and glass into the frame and run the electrical wires through it. You’ll want to put the two outer wires on the bottom of the dome. Then, put the middle wire on top of the outer wires to help support the dome while it sets.

The final step is to screw the framework onto the bracket. You can use some electrical tape to help adhere it down. Then, set the bracket on the floor, making sure the wire connections are not visible. Then, connect the outer and middle wires to the appropriate wires inside the frame. The last step is to secure the wires to each other using electrical tape, wrap the wire cable around the bracket, and tighten it down. These auctions, via sites such as are also available online.

The completed rows and glass dome antenna should be secure. To test it, feed in a normal radio signal and listen to see if the signal reaches the final connection points. If the signal is coming through, then the frame has been successfully installed. Now, all you have to do is route the wire connections back to their original locations. You may need to experiment to find the best way to do this.

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