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The question, “Who is a millionaire?” continues to be a source of controversy and debate among those who know the answer and those who would like to know it. We have seen many millionaires wear their poverty outfits proudly on the reality TV show “The Apprentice,” but what exactly constitutes having “net worth?” And do they really make more than a million dollars a year?

The Forbes Magazine ranks the most wealthy Americans at No. 7 on its annual list of the country’s most wealthy people. If you include the value of the homes they own, their yachts and other similar properties, then they come in at No. 8.

So, what is the net worth to a person who is not making the money he or she may think they should be making? In other words, are people who are “rich” really rich? I tend to think not. A person who builds a net worth is someone who makes enough money to live comfortably, even better than they did a decade ago. It’s not about having more than others; it’s about having more than they thought they should have.

Consider for a moment the amount of money most people make on the stock market. When they realize that the stock prices have dropped, they panic. They immediately sell and cut their losses. But a smart investor waits for the right time to buy stocks. He knows the future of the company and can time the market to buy before the price goes down.

That is what makes the net worth so important. It is not accumulated wealth. It is the future wealth of generations to come. If you are rich, by definition, you have no reason to be poor in the future because you have assets now and can use them to provide for your family’s future.

On the other hand, if you are poor and have no assets, you will find yourself homeless and jobless. Your net worth is the value of your future. Whether it’s living comfortably today or not, your net worth is what matters. You will find that once you put the time in to create something, you will have the ability to enjoy it for your entire life. Click here for more information about pillarwm.

So, you want to create wealth, then you need a wealth creation guide. What does this wealth creation guide look like? It looks like an e-book that will take you through the process of creating wealth. You will see how simple it can be and how quickly you can achieve the things you want. Your net worth is waiting for you to take action and begin building upon it.

Start now. Download a wealth creation guide and get started building on your wealth today. You deserve it. Wealth creation is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your family.

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