How Does Recruitment Process Work in Nigeria?

The Recruitment process in Nigeria is a complicated and lengthy one. To be short, the process starts with offering a job. The candidate’s curriculum vitae will be presented to the recruiter and he will go through the list of applicants to decide on who the best one is. In order to do so, he has to check their work experience, academic qualification and skills and the like. If you don’t have any work experience yet, you will need to undergo a training period of 2 months or more before you are offered a job. If the company is not interested in your resume then they won’t even bother to send it.

This is why it is always important to highlight all the skills and achievements that will make you stand out in the crowd of other naf shortlisted candidates. Make sure that you include all the relevant work experience that you have had in the past. This will definitely attract the employer and he will read through your resume very carefully. If the employer doesn’t like what he reads then he will probably ask you to send him some documents. When preparing yourself for this part of the process, you can even ask for some recommendations from friends and relatives who have already worked in the field.

The next stage of the recruitment process in Nigeria is to go through your CV and find out about any prior injuries that you may have suffered in the past. Accidents are very common in Nigeria and there are a lot of people who suffer from them. So you should mention all the details about any such accidents that you may have faced. You must also mention your work experience in the field that you are applying for. If you are applying for a sales related job then you need to mention all the jobs that you have held in the past. If you are applying for a management or leadership position then you need to mention all the positions that you have held in your previous job.

Now when it comes to the interview process, it is the most important part of the recruitment process. The interview is conducted by the human resources department and the recruitment officer. The interview will help you know if you are suitable for the job or not. There are many companies who conduct recruitment process online but you can never be sure as there are many fraudulent websites which will not provide you with any opportunity to apply for the job. Hence it is very important to choose a good recruitment agency so that you get a chance to show your application to many prospective companies.

During the recruitment process in Nigeria you will be provided with the job contract after submitting all the required documents and details. This is the chance for you to negotiate the salary and the terms and conditions. When choosing a company for recruitment in Nigeria, always choose an authentic one so that you can avoid any scam. Do not sign any document without reading it carefully as there are many cases where fraud companies have used forged signatures in order to get hold of the important contracts. Never sign the contract before reading it properly.

After getting the job, make sure that you report to your recruiter at least once a week so that he can keep track of your progress. Make sure that you complete your monthly work in order to increase your chances of getting the new job. Remember that your success and failure in the recruitment process in Nigeria is based on how much care you take of your job and how hard you work to improve your skills. If you are dedicated, then the chances of you getting the job will be great.

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