How To Create Attractive and Effective Advertising

Advertisements are everywhere. From magazines to billboards to television screens, advertisements are an integral part of our everyday lives. In fact, without the widespread presence of advertisements in our lives, many of our most cherished activities would not be possible. However, an advertisement’s purpose isn’t simply to catch the eye of the consumer. It has become an important weapon in the advertiser’s toolkit to get their product or service “out there” and into the lives of their target audience.

Advertising is an advertising communication which uses an explicitly endorsed, non-profit message to promote or advertise a product, service, idea to the potential customers (the target market). The advertisers (or their public relations departments) make a specific investment to create the opportunity for their advertisement to reach the target market. Promoters of advertising usually are companies wishing to sell their goods or services to the general public.

Brand building – The “look and feel” of your advertisement matters. The reason being is that first impression is the most important. Your advertisement should look and feel like your company’s brand. The ideal advertisement will be consistent with your brand architecture i.e. your logo, colour scheme, tag lines and so on.

Video ads are growing in popularity as video ads are becoming more powerful than text ads due to the ease in reading while watching. When creating your advertisement for the web, consider adding a “making of” video to your website as this helps to build your brand and reputation as an expert in your field. A “behind the scenes” video will show how your brand was created and will show you in a personal light.

Advertising for mass media such as television, radio and the print media generally incorporates more traditional forms of advertising. Television advertising utilises spots and logos to radio advertising use celebrity interviews and videos. Print advertising utilises billboards and other forms of visual marketing, which are often seen and used by passersby. The best form of advertising if you want to succeed in the global marketplace is to create a custom-designed advertisement.

The key to successful advertising is finding a mix of traditional and modern advertising that works together to deliver the intended message to your target market. Your advertisement needs to be simple yet attractive so it catches the eye and intrigues the mind. With your perfect advertisement in place, you can start your journey to advertising success. These auctions, via sites such as New Zealand personal ads are also available online.

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