The Top 5 Software Applications For A Certified Data Analyst

The Data Analyzer (IDA) is an internet-based tool which enables users to analyze, manipulate, and map federal sentencing data. IDA presents live, semi-annual data which is stored in a secure data warehouse and updated automatically with the latest data collected, analyzed, and revised by the Commission each year. The major components of the Data Analyzer are the Data Explorer, the Sentencing and Removal Data Explorer, the Federal Criminal Law Database (FCDL), and Data Migration Service (DMS). In addition, there are many modules available for integration with popular third party applications such as Excel, Netconf, PHP, and Python. To aid in the analysis and interpretation of federal sentencing data, the Data Analyst tool also includes a data visualization tool.

The Data Explorer is the primary interface for data analysts. This interactive desktop menu along with a few other pop-up windows to display comprehensive overview of nationwide and local felony and non-felterious crime types. While the Explorer displays national and state felony offense information, it does not display state DUI and DWI data. The Data Analyst tool along with the Data Migration Service enables one to access national and state sentencing guidelines and the associated data. When one uses the Data Analyzer, it will save a new data dictionary which has been created through the PCAP or the SQL Server database. This is orlando for improve your data analytic ideas.

The Sentencing Explorer is the graphical user interface for exploring different types of crime. A particular case’s profile is listed along with the statutory aggravation level assigned to the defendant, his/her attorney, and the victim. The Data Analyzer’s Data Explorer allows one to analyze various categories of crimes; however, one cannot select to see a specific case summary when looking at a broad category. The Data Analyzer saves one’s search results in a customized table so that it can be easily retrieved later.

The Data Explorer displays various types of sentencing such as the majority, intermediate, and summary courts. One can even choose to view all Federal cases, as well as those from the State of California. The sentencing tools save the search result in various formats such as text, Excel, HTML, plain text, PDF; whichever format the user finds most convenient. The Data Explorer tool is designed for easy navigation and easy analysis.

The Data Explorer tool helps analyze complex cases such as gang-related cases, violent and property crime, white collar and credit frauds. The Data Mining Explorer facilitates in the extraction of statistically significant data sets from large volume case files. It displays an interface for both data mining and criminology. The Data Mining Explorer displays a graphical data model with various features such as the density function, neural networks, a neural network simulator and the logistic series.

The Data Mart provides one-click access to the complete police data base, court records, corrections records, FMS cases, FBI criminal history records, etc. The Data Mart is web-based. It displays the data base in a table, map, or a histogram. The Data Mart optimizes the use of data quality indicators.

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