Top Five Most Fun Games For Girls

Most fun games are those that make you laugh, have an instant impact and leave you wanting for more. These are the games that let you have a great time and helps keep you busy for long hours. There are so many games online today that have found their way into being must buy games on most leading websites. These fun games that are available can be played for free or can be bought with real money.

Super Mario Flash is an arcade style flash game released in 2021 by Nintendo to entertain gamers or just to relax. You will play different games in this such as Mario, Donkey Kong and many others from this very popular genre. In Super Mario Flash the objective of the game is to complete the game by clearing all levels without dying or touching the bottom square. Some of these games may seem easy but some might become very challenging as you progress through them.

In this amazing game online you have to avoid being hit by the many obstacles that come your way while playing Super Mario Flash. Some of these obstacles are mini mushroom heads, fireballs, ice balls and of course the big Mario bros himself. When you get hit, you lose a life and have to get back up to continue playing. This game has a simple and easy interface making it suitable for most players. The graphics and picture quality are very nice and you will really appreciate these features once you start playing. The sound effects are crisp and definitely help add to the enjoyment factor. You can get more information about

Dodge Panic is another one of the many fun games in the genre. This is an online flash game where players take control of a character and have to avoid obstacles while shooting enemies. As you advance in the game more challenges will come your way as you have to master more difficult versions of the previous challenges. Although you can gain extra lives by shooting enemies but you can also use real money to buy special items that improve your chances of winning.

This online flash game is very similar to its predecessors in that it features a hero wandering aimlessly while shooting enemies and collecting items along the way. However, instead of earning stars you earn money that can be used to buy upgrades for your hero. If you are into collecting simple items then the collect the most objects in the shortest amount of time category. Those who love to shoot their enemies can enjoy this game as there are numerous types of enemies that include spiders, skeleton, and ghosts that appear and attack you.

A few other great examples of fun games for girls include Barbie dress up and Bratz: Fashion Mistakes. Both feature lots of clothes, jewelry, and accessories that can be changed to the characters as you progress through the game. The play summary of Bratz shows what each outfit looks like along with the Bratz girl’s facial expressions. Both are well-animated and lots of fun to play. Other genres that might interest you include sports, action, role playing, horror, fairy tale, teen, cute, and classic.

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